Depilate without pain, it’s possible!

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to ask you a question: how many times have you wished you didn’t have to do laser hair removal for not going through that time of pain? Yes, we all like it when we go out, but not so much when we go in! Today I have good news, we don’t need to have a bad time again when we go to the laser!

I recently visited Isabel Rodríguez, creator of ‘IRB Laser Systems‘. I knew before entering that her method was revolutionary, but I didn’t imagine how much it was until I tried it in person! Together with several engineers, she has managed to create the coldest diode laser in the world. Yes, you have heard well, cold! The feeling is like being in a little massage for the body, it’s amazing. But not only that, in addition to painless, it’s suitable for all skin types and hair. For example, it has always been said that the best type of hair to pluck is dark, but with this laser everything has changed, if you have brown skin or blond hair works equally well. It’s amazing! In addition, it’s a totally safe method, with approved certification.

This type of laser consists of 20 bars of German diode, added to the system of sweep SHR, that emits pulses that can reach high energies. There is no skin that can resist it!

But it doesn’t end here, in addition to hair removal, another advantage of this method is the rejuvenation of the skin. Thanks to its technology, it drives in a totally safe way the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers.

Their prices, in addition, are very affordable. The cost of treatment for hair removal starts at € 30, and rejuvenation costs start at € 60. And for the boys … The same price! Without any distinction.

Like me, I’m sure that this discovery will completely change your concept of laser hair removal. You will be more than surprised with the result!

And you, were you of those who bore little pain from laser hair removal?

Best regards,


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