Exploring art from inside, have fun with it!

Hello everyone!

How are you? I hope you go great.

Today I wanted to tell you about a very special day that happens in Matadero, in Madrid. I am passionate about art in all its concepts. You already know that I love fashion, but today I wanted to talk about another type of art, specifically a very particular exhibition in which I could enjoy a different, unique vision of art, something to appreciate in a good artist. When you think that nothing can surprise you anymore, you find it. And with this work I enjoyed like a girl!

To be more exact, I had the opportunity to admire “Ride, Ride, Ride”, the work of Teresa Solar, with an environment of darkness, different species, shapes and elements of different sizes, textures and color where all of them coexist. A gift for the sight that not every day you have opportunity to appreciate. I’m you will love it too!

To be more exact, the work shows us the darkness that the goddess Nut (goddess of the night in ancient Egypt) forms, along with the secrets that, even in the depths of darkness, we can find. A mixture of elements that brighten the view of any viewer and is that the artist has managed to mix the concept of a museum with that of an amusement park. Who has the opportunity to appreciate a rainbow in the middle of the night? Of course, I couldn’t stop of smiling with this burst of color.

I didn’t want to stay behind, so I also chose to detach color with the outfit chosen for the occasion. Stresses in the look, of course, blue, combined with white and red. An urban and sporty ensemble that mixes the elegance of a summer outfit with the comfort and ease of a sweatshirt. Fashion, like art, is to explore, so we have to get rid of the fear of mixing elements. Many times, the result will surprise you. So, you know, play with fashion, explore art and, above all, have fun as much as you can.

I invite you to explore your most artistic side with fashion and to go to all the exhibitions and events related to the theme that you can. Art has the ability to abstract us from reality and open our minds much more than we think. Do you dare with it? I’m sure you will not regret it.

Do you have a favorite work of art? I read you in the comments!

I send you a big hug!



Suit: Forever Unique

Sweatshirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Earrings: ByLia

Glasses: Vogue

Nike shoes

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