Treatments after pregnancy, taking care of yourself can be easy!

Treatments after pregnancy, taking care of yourself can be easy!

Happy Tuesday!

How are you? I hope you’re fine!

Some of you ask me about what are my tricks to recover soon from pregnancy, so today I decided to tell you some of the products that have helped me.

During pregnancy and childbirth, our skin and our organism suffer a lot, and it is more than evident that we must start early with a good treatment. It is always better to take things on time.

  • The hair: that is why I have already started using the Halier treatment to care for and fortify the hair that it suffers during the nine months of pregnancy. This shampoo and conditioner will help my hair to recover its original shine and thickness, and the capsules will help me from the inside to repair it. By the way, you do not need to be recovering from pregnancy to use this treatment, it is recommended for everyone.
  • The dark circles: This is going to be a long season is coming where the dream will be scarce, that is why a good treatment is important like this one of Matriskin.
  • Facial skin is also very affected during pregnancy, so it is super important to take care of it VERY WELL, so I prefer this Lush mask that smells like angels, with essence of lavender, ground almonds, pink, chamomile … And After hydrating well is essential, that’s why I recommend the Bioxan moisturizer that is wonderful and regenerates in an incredible way.
  • Some of the areas that are most affected are the legs and abdomen, so I’m super fan of using this abdominal reducer gel of Mi Rebotiga, which with its cold effect helps the abdomen return to its place. Of course, I IMPORTANT ANIMAL anti-stretch mark gel, like this one from Babe Laboratories, which has a super light texture and is very pleasant for the skin.
  • And finally, it is essential to take care of the nipple. I love this nipple care cream also from Babe Laboratories.

And you, do you have any beauty secret to recover soon from the ravages of pregnancy?

Write me in the comments, I love reading them and I’m sure you help other readers as well. As ‘La Vecina Rubia’ says (@lavecinarubia): “Sharing is something of beautiful girls”.

I send you a hug!

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